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The Columbus Space uses Wild Apricot to maintain membership information and billing. Some common task are listed below. 

Renewing from your Wild Apricot site

To renew a membership or change their membership level from your Wild Apricot site, members must log in.

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After a member logs in, a message will appear in the bottom right corner if the member has unpaid invoices or incomplete registrations, or if the member is lapsed, overdue, or within a week of their renewal date.

To renew or upgrade their membership, a member clicks the View profile link to jump to their member profile page. Depending on the website theme, their name may appear as the link.


From their member profiles, members can perform a variety of self-service functions, including membership renewal.


You can customize this page by modifying the Contact profile system page.

To renew their membership, the member clicks the Renew button from their Profile page. When a member is limited to renewing only one period ahead or only within a certain number of days or months before the membership expires, a notice informing the member of the next possible renewal date will appear in place of the Renew button.


The Renew button does not appear if the member's status is Pending - Renewal. This status means that a renewal invoice has been automatically generated by the system or manually generated by the administrator, or that the member has already started the renewal but has not completed the payment.

They will be given the opportunity to review and update their membership details. After clicking Update and next and confirming the renewal, members will be taken to their Invoices and payments page where they can pay for the invoice (see View account history and pay invoices).


You can customize this page by modifying the Membership renewal system page.

Until the payment is made, a Balance due notification will be shown on the notification bar,

and a message will be displayed on the member profile:


Renewals can also be processed automatically if automatic Recurring payments are enabled.

Changing membership level

The option to change a membership level will only appear within the member profile if the level security options of the level allow level changes (see Membership levels). The option is not available if the membership status is pending.

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Members can choose to change from one level to another regardless of whether that level is paid or free.


The full price of the new membership term will be billed, and the next renewal date will be calculated based on new level settings and payment date. There is currently no pro-rating based on the previous membership level.

After clicking the Change membership level button, members will be presented with the list of available membership levels.


You can customize this page by modifying the Membership level change system page.

Next, they are given the chance to update their profile and asked to confirm.


You can customize this page by modifying the Membership renewal system page.

Members click on Confirm to add the invoice to their profile (see View account history and pay invoices). After the successful online payment, the membership record will be updated with a new membership level and renewal date. Until the payment is received, notice about the level change is shown on the member's profile, along with the option to view and pay the invoice.

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