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Time for an Update

28 Oct 2015 1:22 PM | Anonymous member

The road for The Columbus Space has been extremely bumpy, but we think we are getting beyond the worst of it.  We want to offer the community a realistic update, so you know where we stand.  We know that with your donations on the line, and with the Room closing, it is important to keep you all in the loop.  People are starting to wonder where the project stands and what to expect.

Despite all our business experience, this project has been much larger and harder and more expensive than we estimated.  Our hope was that everything would play out as predicted.  Again, despite our realistic natures, we were perhaps a little naive.  And as we've been kicked in the gut over and over, we have kept the challenges to ourselves.  We are people who make things happen, but that is only possible when you actually have control of the process.  If we want to fly to Texas, we can't just flap our arms...we depend on hundreds of other little cogs doing their jobs so that our plan (and air travel) comes together.  And opening The Space has involved hundreds of (very expensive) cogs that we just can't control.  So we hurry hurry hurry, and then wait for some bureaucrat or tradesperson to get around to doing the next cog action we need.  So frustrating - and we have been keeping that frustration off the airwaves.

We want everyone to be enthusiastic, not afraid.  The delays and frustrations need to be ours, and the excitement for The Space needs to be nurtured.

Honestly, our biggest struggle has been money, despite having amazing benefactors purchase the building and support us in so many ways.   If we had a million dollars to throw at this project, all the stress and hardship would disappear.  We have spent so much time and energy trying to find ways to get jobs done and not deplete our start up capital.  But the reality is that all our fundraising is a small portion of the actual costs.   So we keep working to reduce costs - through shopping smarter, working harder, negotiating better, and providing sexual favors.  No, actually - we considered that last part but haven't gone there.

Each of the Directors has hundreds of hours invested in this project.  For instance, writing the "Weapons Policy" might seem like a trivial detail... but as the people trying to insure the safety of the community, how we write that policy is important to us.  Imagine approaching an insurance carrier and saying "We are opening a community center where there will be classes on humiliation, there will be sex, and hundreds of people will gather to intentionally harm each other.  What have you got?"  Finding someone to insure that is tricky.  Finding someone to write that policy for a reasonable price is hours of effort.

So this is where we stand right now:  We are hopeful for a December 1 opening date.  We still have a lot to accomplish in a short time to make that happen.  Parking has to be improved.  Occupancy permits must be issued.  So many cogs still have to spin, and most of them are out of our control.  So many things can still cause a delay.

We continue to work vigorously on the things that are in our control.  We are already booking some exciting presenters for 2016.  We have the calendar up and have some of the framework inserted.  You can find it at [this link to our calendar][]. Click forward to the month of December, because that is where we are aimed.

How can you help?

We are finally getting to the parts of this project where we can share some of the load.  We can make use of volunteers.  We are starting to collect names and skills.

We could use a million dollars?  Plz.  K thks.

But mostly, we could use your continuing love and support and good energy.  We are weary.  We are committed to this dream and have invested a painful six months into making it a reality, and our determination has seen us through some very tough times.  We need the community to know we are striving to serve you to the best of our combined ability, and soon the doors will open.  We need you to dive into The Space.  Use it.  Support it.  Friend it.  Buy memberships.  We are doing our part... and your support will help keep the dream alive.

Please consider joining our groups on social media:

Call Our Office: (614) 694-4851

180 Outerbelt St Columbus, OH 43230

"Columbus Space for Alternative Self Expression" is a community based education and event organization. Contact directors @

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