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  • 07 Jan 2016 7:14 AM | Daniel (Administrator)
    • Sunday, February 21, 2016 · 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM  

    Cost: We'll be passing the hat again to help The Space cover their overhead.

    Dress code: Vanilla outside, and whatever you like inside.

    We're being welcomed back to The Space in February for our second shoot there!

    Find out more and reserve your spot

  • 26 Dec 2015 7:37 AM | Daniel (Administrator)

    On Sunday, December 27, The Columbus Kinky Photo Group will meet at The Columbus Space for our fourth anniversary shoot.  We'll have cake!  Our group is always happy to welcome fresh faces, and our new home is certainly large enough to accommodate a crowd.

    We encourage photographers and models as well as anyone who has skills with make up, hair styling, rigging, and directing to come out and create something great.  We'll have a backdrop or two, and some serious lighting to use.

    You don't need to be a member of The Space, and there is no event fee, though we will be accepting donations to help keep the lights on.  Doors open at 12:30 PM, and we will shoot until around 4:00.  Come join the fun!

  • 28 Oct 2015 4:32 PM | Anonymous member

    The Columbus Space is proud to Sponsor Trauma this year! 

    It’s one of the few local opportunities for a massive gathering of people — regardless of age, sexual identity, ethnicity — to express themselves creatively, sexually and openly, without censorship or corporate sponsorship.

    Despite the frequency with which our private lives and fantasies manifest themselves in the corners of the internet, there remains a need to unleash with other bodies, a surrendering to the fact that, yes, we do need other people in the flesh.

    Nowhere is this more evident in Columbus than the annual fetish-bash, TRAUMA. Featuring more than 300 performers, musicians and artists, this Halloween weekend event has become an institution of debauched art that would impress even the Marquis de Sade.

    International performers as well an abundance of local artists will fill the church-turned-concert venue The Bluestone with everything from multi-media performance art, to burlesque, to suspension play, to every imaginable DJ spinning all night long. Local performers include some of our favorites from the Community – Big Girl Burlesque, Rope by Kevin, Markher & pennygurl, Bondage Nexus & Molly_V, and Guilty Pleasures just to name a few!

    As organizer Nick Wolak puts it, “I feel very fortunate to be involved with this amazing event. Every year I meet wonderful new people, and I’m impressed with how the kink community opens its arms to anyone interested in exploring a new paradigm.”

    Don’t let the kinky emphasis fool you — TRAUMA is much more of a multi-dimensional production than simply an organized kink party.

    Throughout the years, Wolak and other organizers have prioritized benefiting Columbus based charities with proceeds from TRAUMA ticket sales, and this year is no different.

    So buy a ticket, contribute to a good cause and revel in some Dionysian-level mayhem.

  • 28 Oct 2015 1:22 PM | Anonymous member

    The road for The Columbus Space has been extremely bumpy, but we think we are getting beyond the worst of it.  We want to offer the community a realistic update, so you know where we stand.  We know that with your donations on the line, and with the Room closing, it is important to keep you all in the loop.  People are starting to wonder where the project stands and what to expect.

    Despite all our business experience, this project has been much larger and harder and more expensive than we estimated.  Our hope was that everything would play out as predicted.  Again, despite our realistic natures, we were perhaps a little naive.  And as we've been kicked in the gut over and over, we have kept the challenges to ourselves.  We are people who make things happen, but that is only possible when you actually have control of the process.  If we want to fly to Texas, we can't just flap our arms...we depend on hundreds of other little cogs doing their jobs so that our plan (and air travel) comes together.  And opening The Space has involved hundreds of (very expensive) cogs that we just can't control.  So we hurry hurry hurry, and then wait for some bureaucrat or tradesperson to get around to doing the next cog action we need.  So frustrating - and we have been keeping that frustration off the airwaves.

    We want everyone to be enthusiastic, not afraid.  The delays and frustrations need to be ours, and the excitement for The Space needs to be nurtured.

    Honestly, our biggest struggle has been money, despite having amazing benefactors purchase the building and support us in so many ways.   If we had a million dollars to throw at this project, all the stress and hardship would disappear.  We have spent so much time and energy trying to find ways to get jobs done and not deplete our start up capital.  But the reality is that all our fundraising is a small portion of the actual costs.   So we keep working to reduce costs - through shopping smarter, working harder, negotiating better, and providing sexual favors.  No, actually - we considered that last part but haven't gone there.

    Each of the Directors has hundreds of hours invested in this project.  For instance, writing the "Weapons Policy" might seem like a trivial detail... but as the people trying to insure the safety of the community, how we write that policy is important to us.  Imagine approaching an insurance carrier and saying "We are opening a community center where there will be classes on humiliation, there will be sex, and hundreds of people will gather to intentionally harm each other.  What have you got?"  Finding someone to insure that is tricky.  Finding someone to write that policy for a reasonable price is hours of effort.

    So this is where we stand right now:  We are hopeful for a December 1 opening date.  We still have a lot to accomplish in a short time to make that happen.  Parking has to be improved.  Occupancy permits must be issued.  So many cogs still have to spin, and most of them are out of our control.  So many things can still cause a delay.

    We continue to work vigorously on the things that are in our control.  We are already booking some exciting presenters for 2016.  We have the calendar up and have some of the framework inserted.  You can find it at [this link to our calendar][]. Click forward to the month of December, because that is where we are aimed.

    How can you help?

    We are finally getting to the parts of this project where we can share some of the load.  We can make use of volunteers.  We are starting to collect names and skills.

    We could use a million dollars?  Plz.  K thks.

    But mostly, we could use your continuing love and support and good energy.  We are weary.  We are committed to this dream and have invested a painful six months into making it a reality, and our determination has seen us through some very tough times.  We need the community to know we are striving to serve you to the best of our combined ability, and soon the doors will open.  We need you to dive into The Space.  Use it.  Support it.  Friend it.  Buy memberships.  We are doing our part... and your support will help keep the dream alive.

    Please consider joining our groups on social media:

  • 26 Oct 2015 11:20 AM | Anonymous member
    Does the sight of rhinestones make your heart beat a little faster? Does fringe give you costume ideas? Do you believe a boa is the perfect accessory for any outfit? Do you have a burning desire to tease and torment an audience with a sexy striptease?

    Then you will want to join the Big Girl Burlesque for Burlesque For Everyone; coming soon to The Space!

    Burlesque For Everyone will be hosted by your favorite Big Girls! We will be showing you in this interactive workshop the fundamentals of Burlesque, including but not limited to:

    • Burlesque 101 - learn the basic (and not so basic) moves that help you shake and shimmy like a pro!
    • Building A Number - get advice on what it takes to turn a song into a Burlesque number.
    • Polish - learn how to refine your moves and flow through your transitions.
    • Costuming - learn tips and tricks for how to build an incredible costume for the stage.
    • Makeup - learn how to ramp your look up for the stage!

    And the Big Girls are very excited to announce that we will be holding a graduation show! That's right! Everyone who attends will have the opportunity to take the stage in a fully produced show at the Big Girls monthly showcase: Sultry Saturday!

    So stay tuned to The Space for more details!

  • 26 Oct 2015 11:16 AM | Anonymous member
    We will need some volunteer efforts to finish launching and once the doors are open.

    If you are interested in being involved in something big and exciting, and have some energy to contribute please let us know.       Att: katie

    The information I would like to have:

    • Special skills. Do you have things you are trained in? Experience with?
    • Inclinations. What are the types of tasks you would prefer to be involved in? If you have no special talents, just a willing spirit, that is fine. We want you too!
    • Times available. Mostly weekends? Only a specific day of the week?

    Please also feel free to email me with any questions or clarifications needed.

    Thank you all for helping make it so!

  • 15 Sep 2015 11:22 AM | Anonymous member

    Join Dan and dawn in a 12 week challenge to help meet your fitness goals.

    No matter what your current level of fitness is, you can participate. Just barely beginning? Trying to get the courage to begin? In the final stretches of muscle toning? Everyone is welcome.

    You will be setting your own goals and making use of online support from others in the group. There will be weekly goal check-ins at The Space as well as an eNewsletter.

    Anyone who meets their own personal goal will be entered into a draw for a prize! And all participants get a t-shirt.

    Come enjoy the camaraderie and support to a happier, more confident You, no matter what your challenge.

  • 09 Sep 2015 10:39 AM | Anonymous member

    An open mic night once a month at The Space!

    Kevin and katie will be MC'ing this event. Bring your creations and talents to the stage for a few minutes of stardom! The mic is yours.

    Poetry. Singing. Instrumental. Interpretive Dance. Story telling. Magic. Stand-up Comedy and more.

    It can be as vanilla as ballet or as racy as a strip tease. Tell your Chicken Soup story. Change the lyrics of Browned Eyed Girl into Hog-tied Girl. We are open to the creative talents of our community. Always wanted to see how Be Quick or Be Dead would be received if played on the mandolin? We're your audience.

    Get on the stage for 3-7 minutes of mic time or enjoy 2 hours of entertainment as an audience member. The open mic performance will be followed by an hour of socializing and jamming on a couple of predetermined songs.

  • 08 Sep 2015 10:48 AM | Anonymous member
    This weekend workshop focuses on spiritual sexuality. Join us for an amazing experience!

    You will have the opportunity to expand your awareness in order to better express your natural, spiritual, sexual, healthy vibrant self.

    Experience new ways to engage your body, desires, and energy!

    We will be teaching you techniques for moving your energy and your partner's energy in order to enjoy elevated levels of intimacy. You will learn to release guilt and shame in order to experience higher levels of pleasure and communication, giving you a more satisfying and fulfilling intimate life.

    Want to gain a new understanding of your sexual energy? Deepen your understanding of your sexual self? Improve your connection with your partners? Watch for this weekend intensive, coming soon to The Space!

  • 02 Sep 2015 6:10 PM | Anonymous member

    Columbus has been asking for more drumming circles and we've heard you!

    This will be open to all levels of experience! Can't drum? Never tried it? No problem! Attend and give it a go! If you don't own a hand drum, don't let that slow you down either as we'll have some to share.

    Fascinated, but hesitant to drum? You can even just watch. People are also welcome to dance to the thunderous rhythm.

    Come join us for an energizing yet relaxing, facilitated drumming good time. It will make you feel revitalized!

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