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December Afternoon Tea

  • 08 Dec 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • The Space


  • Not a member of the Space? This event pass will give you a one day membership plus entry to the event
  • Covers tea and snacks
  • Just 7 dollars (to cover cost of tea and snacks)

Registration is closed
High Protocol Tea

Happy Holidays! Join us for The Holiday Tea this year. We will be focusing on traditional Swedish foods to celebrate this year. It's a very Ikea Holiday!


  • Swedish Scone
  • Potato Casserole
  • Swedish Meatball
  • Pepparkakor Cookies
  • Swedish Chocolate

And of course our teas will compliment the tasty treats!

Attendance limited to the first 20 registrants.  In order to concentrate on building the D/s and Protocol energy of these events we have to keep them small enough to allow for everyone to give and get the proper attention during service.

1: What is a high protocol afternoon tea?

·         This is a tea where certain behaviors are expected. This tea will require both servers and diners to act according to set of pre-arranged and practiced protocols.

2:  Why do a high protocol afternoon tea?

·         There has been a desire expressed in our community to experience a higher level of protocol interactions and education about high protocol service. 

3:  What are the expectations of those in service for a high protocol afternoon tea?

·         The following are the expectations of those in service during the high protocol tea:

a)   Limited verbal communication with the guests.

b)   No eye contact with the guests.

c)   The ability to understand and perform anticipatory service.

d)   The ability to follow physical guidelines of service which include the following:

                                     i.        Standing a small distance away from the table when not actively serving

                                    ii.        Standing as still as possible

                                   iii.        Monitoring the table without making eye contact with guests

                                  iv.        Listening and watching for designated cues that active service is to be performed (IE: listening for the bell, watching for guests to signal completion of a course, etc.)

e)   The ability to work together as a team with all in service

f)     The ability to follow instructions from service manager & tea butler

g)   The ability to attend an afternoon tea as a guest before the date of service.

h)   The ability to arrive one hour prior to service to help with set up.

·         Upon completion of the formal tea service, all in service will come together and an announcement will be made that they are released from service.

4:  What are the expectations for those attending a high protocol afternoon tea?

·         The following are the expectation of guests attending the high protocol tea:

a)   Guests will be expected to register at least 3 days prior to the formal tea service.

b)   Guests will be expected to follow the use of the designated cues to communicate with servers:

                                     i.        At the completion of each course, placing the utensils across the plate in the form of an X to indicate that the plate is ready to be removed

                                    ii.        Leaving spoon in the bowl to indicate that it is ready to be removed

                                   iii.        Moving glassware to the left of the plate to indicate that a refill is needed, and then moving it back to the right after the service has been completed

                                  iv.        Remain seated at tables once the food service has begun

                                    v.        Do not engage service staff verbally or with eye contact – unless absolutely necessary

                                  vi.        Utilize the service managers when they need to verbally communicate a need (this is to be done by making eye contact with one of the managers and placing index finger on your lips)

                                 vii.        Understand that if there is a need/question/concern/issue that it is your responsibility to communicate that to one of the service managers

5:  Is there a dress code for this formal tea?

·         The recommended dress code is fetish wear or business casual (no jeans or sweatpants are allowed).  All servers and guests are required to comply with the dress code.  Servers will be provided with protective wear for over their desired attired.  It is also recommended that those in service have a comfortable pair of shoes to wear during the tea service. 

6:  Do I have to have a partner? Can I come by myself?

·         You do not have to have a partner. You are more than welcome to be in service or attend as a guest on your own.

7:  If my partner is in service and I am an attendee, what will my interaction be allowed to be?

·         Your interaction with your partner during the time that they are in service should be no different than your interaction with all servers present.   For this event, your partner is expected to be in service to the formal tea and will be expected to maintain the same standards and behaviors as all servers.

8:  Will punishment be allowed?

·         There will be absolutely no punishment permitted at this event.

9:  What if I have food allergies?

·         If you have food allergies, please make sure to indicate that on your registration page.  You will be contacted by a service manager and these issues will be addressed in the best way possible.

10:  May I arrive late?

·         You cannot arrive late if you are attending the formal tea service. 

11:  Can I take pictures? Can I post pictures?

·         Pictures can be taken only if ALL people in the photo frame (even those in the background) have given their permission.  The same rule applies to pictures being posted.

12:  What is the cost to attend the tea?

·         Premium Members - $7 

·         Members - $10

·         Non-Members - $15

13:  I want to volunteer to be in service.  What can I do?

·         Please contact SpankyRae on Fetlife to let her know you are interested in joining the serving team

14:  Do those in service have to pay to attend?

·         Absolutely not!  Your service for the afternoon constitutes your payment in full! 

15:  Is there any additional information that I need to know?

·         All those in service will need to arrive early to assist with set up.  Arrival time should be at 11:30am.

·         We will need assistance with breakdown of the venue at the end of the tea.  Servers and Guests are asked to be willing to assist with this.

All events at the Columbus Space are +19 yrs old and over

All events at the Columbus Space are alcohol and substance free

Call Our Office: (614) 694-4851

180 Outerbelt St Columbus, OH 43230

"Columbus Space for Alternative Self Expression" is a community based education and event organization. Contact directors @

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