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AIS: TNG Intensive!

  • 17 Sep 2016
  • 1:00 PM
  • Columbus Space for Alternative Self Expression ~ 180 Outerbelt St Columbus OH 43213


  • This ticket gets you into all the classes. Does not include play party access.

    No Space Member discount on Classes Only ticket
  • This ticket gets you into the AIS:TNG play party that night. Does not allow include any classes

    No Space member discount on Party Only ticket
  • Get into all classes and the AIS:TNG play party that night for one price!
  • Get into all classes and the AIS:TNG play party that night for one price!

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  • Get into all classes and the AIS:TNG play party that night for one price!

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  • Get into all classes and the AIS:TNG play party that night for one price!

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Registration is closed

We've been waiting for ages, and it's finally here! AIS-TNG is proud to announce we are hosting The Next Generational Regional Intensive!

We are so excited to bring you a day full of interesting information, kinky shenanigans, and of course - a play party! It's been many moons since we've hosted a TNG play party, and we're planning on making our return with a bang! 

We'll be kicking things off on September 17th with doors opening at 1:00pm. Classes will begin at 1:30pm and run until 5:00pm. After our amazing classes, we'll be closing the doors to get ready for the evening's festivities, and will re-open at 8:00pm for The Space's first TNG Play Party! 

Coming in from out of town? Not to worry! The Columbus Space is easily located, with plenty of nearby accommodations. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and we'll be happy to recommend nearby hotels or places to grab a bite to eat!


  • Classes: $15
  • Party: $20
  • Both: $30

Are you a Space Member? Awesome! All Space member discounts will apply to this event!

**Age Restrictions**

As you may have guessed, this Intensive will be for kinksters who are eligible for TNG memberships. In general, this means it is open to those that are 19 - 35 years old. Your hometown happen to have a slightly higher age cap? No worries! If you're eligible for membership in your hometown, you're welcome here. 

Additionally, are happy to welcome anyone's partner who may fall outside the TNG age range! 

Please note, however, that regardless of your hometown's membership eligibility, we will not be admitting anyone under the age of 19. 

We look forward to hosting you this September at the The Next Generational Regional Intensive! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Presenter & Class Information

Tisiphone & roo-roo

Tisiphone is a queer, sadomasochistic switch as well as a kitty, little girl and all around Jack of All Kinks. She is also proud to be Ms. Pittsburgh Leather/Fetish 2014. She helps organize for TNG, Pittsburgh Bridge, Pittsburgh Age Players Anonymous (P.A.P.A), Petsburgh, and Hitchin’ Bitches- Pittsburgh. She believes that fun things happen from a bit of mischief; therefore it is likely you will see her playing poke the sadist, causing her slave's head to explode, or instigating adventures. It’s all in the name of fun, really.

roo-roo is a Real True 32nd-degree submissive™ who has been running rampant through the BDSM community for roughly a decade. He runs or co-facilitates various groups including The Art of Female Dominance Pittsburgh, The Femdommery, Pittsburgh Bridge, and TNG Pittsburgh. (Did we mention he's from Pittsburgh?) While being a heavy player at times, he takes a fun and lighthearted approach to BDSM. He goes into his happy place when you rub his head. roo-roo has a passion for sharing his knowledge, experience, and mistakes with those seeking to learn. Warning: He has the strange. And it is contagious.


CBT - Oh, my, what big balls you have. The better to torture you with! CBT can be sexy, incredibly painful, and delightfully personal. Come grow your sadistic skill set as Tisiphone and roo-roo show you the many exquisite ways to hurt the hardware. From impact to clamps, from bondage to fire, from ooh yes to oh-fuck-please-make-it-stop, we'll cover various ways to torment testicles, hammer juevos, and discipline dicks.

Chocolate Milk and Tears: Dark Age Play - Let’s frolic at the edge of age play. Let’s get dark and bring out all of the monsters from under the bed. We’ll cover different ways to make your age play a whole lot meaner and exploit the innocence inherent to age play, while still maintaining the littles headspace. We’ll discuss how this can fit into your dynamic and what special after care that it may entail. Bring an open mind and your curiosity, and know we’re going to talk about some pretty twisted stuff!


Myka (aka: "blueshirt") is a genderfluid sensation slut from Columbus, with a love of hair and wondrously bad puns. They tirelessly work to provide information to their fellow kinksters from behind the scenes and as a coordinator for AIS-TNG. With over seven years of experience in their local community, they are now thrilled to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise with you!


Hairway to Heaven: A Hair Worship Primer - Get ready for a hairy situation. We’re talking tails; no not that kind: pony tails! What better way to relax your D-type or other partner than with a sensual hair service? In this class Myka will teach hair worship, hair play, washing, and brushing techniques to help make any locks luscious. From basic braids to wigs and scalp messages, this service is sure to comb your senses.


No one is really sure where Boam came from. One day, he just emerged, with a blow torch in one hand and a milk jug full of high percentage alcohol in the other. Some of us suspect he's actually a redwood tree that somehow grew legs and put on a shirt. Others theorize he's just a pyromaniac that showed up on our doorstep and decided to go with the flow. When he's not setting humans on fire, he's creating fire balls and minor explosives. Ignore the singed eyebrows - he knows what he's doing, just hold his beer and get out of his way!


Basic Fire  - Boam will be teaching a basic fire play workshop, with hands-on opportunities! Come for the beautiful red-headed man, stay for the awesome education about playing with fire!

~~~ All events at The Space are for those 19+ years old and older

~~~ All events at The Space are substance and alcohol free

Call Our Office: (614) 694-4851

180 Outerbelt St Columbus, OH 43230

"Columbus Space for Alternative Self Expression" is a community based education and event organization. Contact directors @

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