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Inner Child Intensive

  • 20 Aug 2016
  • 1:00 PM
  • Columbus Space for Alternative Self Expression ~ 180 Outerbelt St Columbus OH 43213


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Carl Jung stated that “In every adult there lurks a child. An eternal child, something that is always becoming, is never completed, and calls for unceasing care, attention, and education. That is the part of the human personality that wants to develop and become whole.”

What will we do during this intensive?

In a safe and loving environment, we will learn to recognize and honor our divine Inner Child. Because of past trauma or being expected to be adult at an early age, many of us have buried this child, to protect it from harm. Many of us believe this piece of ourselves to be dead and gone, when in fact it’s buried, but controlling part of our lives without our consent. This is part of our Shadow. By shining a light on the Shadow, we can teach this part of our psyche that it is safe to come out in the open and experience life, under the protection and nurturing of our grown-up selves. We can reclaim our soul’s inner knowing, vibrancy, and joy and learn to play and have fun.

Through the use of visualization techniques you will discover your own inner nurturing parent and your inner child. You will learn to create healthy, healing experiences to foster an inner child that feels secure and strong. The partnership you establish between your inner child and your nurturing parent will enable you to live your life with a new level of potency, peace and joy.

Part 1 : The Afternoon Intensive
- Learn what Inner Child work is
- Explanation of why a safe environment is important
- Guided Visualization to meet your Inner Child
- Explanation of Soul Stages and Inner Children
- Explanation of Energy Blocks
- Exercises on how to remove Energy Blocks
- Explanation of Defense Mechanisms
- Guided Visualization to meet your Inner Nurturing Parent

*Because many of us are survivors, there will be ground rules set to make this a safe environment for everyone. Ex. stories/details of past trauma will not be shared. Adult topics such as sex will not be discussed in this environment. Again, it's about building a safe place for our inner children to make an appearance.

*This workshop will be open to all over 19.

* This workshop is a pre-requisite for Part 2., which will be an evening of allowing our Inner Children a chance to come out and play for the evening in a safe environment.

Part 2 : The Inner Child Gather

This will be a gathering of those that participated in the afternoon intensive. As adults we will come together and in a safe space, let our inner children come out to play. Bring your coloring books, cartoons on dvd, legos, board games, craft projects, or anything else that speaks to your inner child heart. Maybe there was something you'd really like to have played with as a child and wasn't allowed to. Now is the time to let our inner children know that it's not too late to be playful.

* We'll be providing finger paints and maybe a doll tea set or action figures.

* Please bring snacks if you like.....anything that speaks to your inner child. Juice boxes will be provided!

Part 1: Intensive
1pm - 4pm
* There will be small breaks during workshop

Part 2: Inner Child Gather
7pm - 10pm
* Cartoons, coloring, games, etc. 

Rev. Dawn is a survivor herself has been using her skills and experiences as a teacher, intuitive cathartic healer, energy worker, Reiki Master, Alternative Life Coach and her degree in Applied Psychology to help others heal and get in touch with their Shadows for more than 12 years. She believes that if we don't shine the light on our hidden selves (shadows) then we can't truly live up to our full authentic potential. She would like everyone to be aware of their value and understand their choices in life, and most of all be happy.

~~~ All events at The Space are for those 19+ years old and older

~~~ All events at The Space are substance and alcohol free

Call Our Office: (614) 694-4851

180 Outerbelt St Columbus, OH 43230

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