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Volunteer, Donate, and Other Ways To Support Your Space

The best way to support your Space is via membership. Your member dues are our primary method of paying the rent, utilities, and the operational cost of maintaining a 4,400' Space. Check out membership options!

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the Columbus Space Wish List

Our 1 year anniversary is coming in July, and you asked for a birthday wishlist! Here it is! Next time you go shopping,  we'd be mighty happy if you could pick us up a.....


Not a sexy list, but we always need more toilet paper and paper towels.

Operations Continue

We would like to hang some stuff on the walls with these 3M Wall Hooks. We could use some more wrist bands. We are always looking for notepads

Fun stuff

The crew at Kinky & Geeky would love to give away more board games


Sometimes we'd love to have some round tables instead of rectangle ones. And we've had a lot of requests to get a grill! Plus, tired of carting those chairs around? We would love to have this chair and table dolly

(note: although we are at the Space most of the time, sometimes we are not, and UPS sends stuff back! Best to have it delivered to your home and bring it in. Or contact us for other options)

last updated 05/28/17

Call Our Office: (614) 694-4851

180 Outerbelt St Columbus OH 43213